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How To Get Started

Ragapi All-In-One Online Game mit Videokonferenz

Your game starts in the lobby

Here you will find the link to share, as well as the settings for the teams and the rounds. The players divide into the teams and when everyone is ready, the game can begin.

Let’s Play

Whether you have to illustrate, explain or draw the selected term is determined automatically. However, there are always 3 terms to choose from (easy, medium, difficult), so everyone can decide for themselves how difficult it should be. The more difficult, the more points the team can achieve. And the time is limited in each case, so you should think about it carefully.

Ragapi All-In-One Online Game mit Videokonferenz
Ragapi All-In-One Online Game mit Videokonferenz
Ragapi All-In-One Online Game mit Videokonferenz

Which team killed it?

After you have played through the initially defined number of rounds, you get the results. The points per round are added up and the team with the most points wins.

You can discuss the result here in peace, rematch directly or finish the game.

The Idea

Lockdown – and suddenly everything was different

Founder – Stefan Ploner: I work as a software developer at rechnerherz. The first corona lockdown at the beginning of 2020 changed a lot for many people, including me. Video conferences are now playing a role not only in professional life, but also increasingly in private life. You still meet, but now for a video call instead of a face-to-face meeting.

So what could a cozy game night with friends, family or colleagues look like? 

This is how the idea for playwithfriends and the first game ragapi came about. Board games should be possible directly via a video conference, be fun and thus create a cozy atmosphere for time together online.

playwithfriends –  buildwithfriends 

I quickly found some motivated people who wanted to realize the idea with me. Together with Carolina and the rechnerherzen Sarah, David, Dario, Christoph and Anita I tackled the implementation.

Started in the 1st lockdown – we now go online in the 3rd lockdown with the beta version.

Technologies used

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